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Videoconsultant is a simple and effective solution for customer service.
There is no necessity to install any additional software on the computer


Simplicity is a basic concept of  service. All you need is an Internet connected PC, a headset and a webcam.

No software installation
There is no necessity to install any additional software on the computer.All you need is an Internet connected PC,a headset and a webcam.

Management of operators
You have all the necessary functionality for the operator with the client, and control operators . Also you have an ability to customize the client's office.

Joint viewing and editing the documents
Joint viewing and editing of documents online  with operator is possible. There is ability to send document to the client.

Audio, video and chat
There is opportunity to choose more convenient way of  interaction between the operator and the customer: audio, video or multichat.

Call distribution
Simultaneous direct incoming calls to all available Operators or strictly defined list are possible.

Client opportunities
Mapping out the customer's number in the queue when you call is available. A visitor can book a call, if all operators are busy.

Storing the history of the dialogue of the operator and the client (chat and video) is available. Duration of the dialog, as well as evaluation of the operator are available too.

All the necessary statistical data about incoming and missed calls, both for operators and for groups is available.

Call redirection
Call redirection to the specific operator is possible (even if he is busy)

Operator status
Displayng the status of all operators at a given time, "Busy", "Free" and "Out." is available.

Additional information
Additional information about the visitor is accessible to the operator (his browser, IP address, city and country)

Visual video support

Instant Support on the website is one of the most important factors in our
Video Consult solution provides the most reliable, flexible and
video communications between a client and staff members.